BubblePop™ Mind & Body Balancer

These Awesome Bubble Popping Phone Cases Will Help You
Relieve Anxiety & Increase Concentration  

The Most Interesting Thing For
Balancing Your Mind & Body

Fidget spinners went viral because of their "huge relax power". But is it so? Fidget spinners are quite annoying. Especially if you spin them for a long time - all fails and troubles can get you even more stressed and frustrated. They are just fun toys, and that's it!   

Relaxing is all about freeing your mind

Unlike a fidget spinner you would always have a bubble wrap phone case with you wherever you go. Why? Because you would almost always have your phone with you! So now, you can pop your anxiety away anywhere. That's what BubblePop Mind & Body Balancer is all about!Popping bubbles is a great way for relieving anxiety and increasing concentration. Don't believe us? Try it!

Choose your favorite color and enjoy relaxation by popping it immediately! 

Once You Pop The First One
You Will Be Addicted Forever!


Product Details

Design: Geometric,Plain,Cute
Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6
Additional Features: Anti-knock
Size: 4.7 inch