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AirSelfie – a superior way to take selfies

Smartphone Model:
The Only Flying Camera Integrated into Your Mobile Phone Cover

Take selfies on a distance without a stick or stretching your arm out

✓ SAVE MONEY: On average, you can save up to $1,000 on pricey action cameras for getting even superior way to take selfies.

✓ NO NEED TO SQUEEZE FRIENDS INTO A CAMERA: Make everyone happy by catching lifesize moments

✓ NO MORE ANNOYING SELFIE STICKS: Selfie sticks is a thing of the past: they’re distracting, annoying and may cause accidents. With AirSelfie you will take the best photos while staying safe and sound.

✓ INDOOR & OUTDOOR: capture photos or videos from some awfully cool angles both indoor and outdoor, which is impossible to catch with a phone camera or selfie stick.

✓ BE A ROLE MODEL: Everyone can make a boring selfie. Dare yourself to have an exciting life and capture its best moments with AirSelfie.

✓ INSTANTLY SHARE TO SOCIAL MEDIA: post photos and videos were taken with AirSelfie directly from your phone.

✓ TAKE AMAZING SELFIES IN DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES: Sometimes it’s bad lighting or a bad angle. Sometimes it’s a crowd of people in front of the destination you want to take a picture of. AirSelfie will help you to take best images and videos no matter the obstacles.

How it works:
Step 1

Take AirSelfie out of its cover and launch it from your phone using the AirSelfie app available for iOS and Android.

Step 2

Fly AirSelfie and control it directly through 3 different flight functions:

  • Selfie mode, the easiest one, with just two directional buttons to make AirSelfie move far or close to you.
  • Selfie Motion Control mode, control AirSelfie in real time with the virtual joystick provided by App.
  • Flying mode, where the device is held horizontally and replaces a classic controller. Once you’ve found the perfect positioning for the shot, AirSelfie stays still, thanks to the hovering function.

Step 3

Land AirSelfie onto your open hand and place it back in its case where it will be recharged.

Step 4

The pics will be immediately downloaded to your mobile device via wifi, ready to be shared through your favorite social media platform.

Product Features

Built-in Micro SD card 4GB.

240mAh 7.4v Built-in Battery.

Altitude Sonar & Stability Camera.

USB Connection.

Size: 3.72*2.65*0.42in 52g weight.

AirSelfie Specifications

  • Alluminium Housing with anodized process
  • Video:1080p 30fps – Photo:5M pixel
  • Gyro/Barometer/Geomagnetic sensor
  • Brushless motor
  • Built-in Micro SD card 4GB
  • 240mAh 7.4v Built-in Battery
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi
  • APP Control
  • Size:67.4*94.5*10.6mm
  • 61g weight
  • Control distance 20 meters
  • 30cm USB cable

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Who Is Talking About Us?

“This is a fun, easy drone to use that takes nice quality video and images. It’s idiot proof which makes it good for all ages — the design means you're unlikely to catch your finger on a blade, (the brushless motors go to auto shut off if it senses anything odd).”

Goodbye selfie sticks! I can’t tell you how many times I tried to take a selfie with friends and family, but no matter what I do, someone gets cut out of the photo or you can see my extended arm in the shot. Not to mention the amount of times I dropped my expensive iPhone on the floor, trying to get everyone into one image. Introducing AirSelfie, a camera and drone in one.

What better way to stand out in a sea of selfies on National Selfie Day than with my very own drone? The pocket-sized flying camera comes with four turbo fan propellers and floats in place while the user gathers for free and unrestricted selfies. It’s the best for outdoor selfies.

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