3D Smart Drawing Pen

Color and Plug Type
Yellow US Plug
Yellow EU Plug
Yellow UK Plug
Blue US Plug
Blue EU Plug
Blue UK Plug
Pink US Plug
Pink EU Plug
Pink UK Plug
Purple US Plug
Purple EU Plug
Purple UK Plug

Draw and sculpt in mid-air

Have you ever wanted to bring your creative ideas to life in a matter of seconds? Well, now you can! With 3D Smart Drawing Pen, you simply imagine and then create – that’s all there is to it. Whether you are a pro artist wanting to bring your work to the next level, a fashion designer with the need to create 3D models, or a business professional needing to create a prototype for your next product invention, 3D Smart Drawing Pen does it all. It is so much more than an art tool - it is a 3D CREATION tool.

  • Lightweight product design
  • Hand grip designed with comfort in mind
  • Flawless speed control design
  • Heating ring and nozzle plug-in design
  • Adjustable temperature design
  • Intelligent standby function design
  • Easy-to-adjust LCD display

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